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Okay, since this is a blog post, I choose bad news.
The bad news is, the way we nourish our minds and bodies is making us and the planet sick.
Physically- 88% of Americans now have a metabolic disorder.
Mentally- 20% of people experience a mental health condition each year.
Environmentally- farming practices are leading to a level of soil erosion 8x more severe than the Dust-bowl era.
There's plenty of blame to go around. The food industry, the $4T "healthcare" system, big agriculture companies like Monsanto, ineffective government policy, uninformed consumers… the problem can seem insurmountable.
The good news is, people are taking ownership of their health, and they are looking for solutions in supplements. Three fourths of Americans now take a dietary supplement daily, and the supplement industry is expected to grow $60B in the next 7 years.
However, the supplement industry is letting people down. From "proprietary blends" to hidden artificial sweeteners and low quality fillers, supplement companies' deceptive behavior has caught up to them. According to an Informed Sport survey, 96% of people have concerns about supplements’ safety.
Most people don't have the time to investigate each and every ingredient in all the products they buy, and instead rely on retailers and marketplaces to vet products for them. The reality is, even  "organic products" often contain artificial ingredients, gut-disrupting chemicals, fillers and preservatives.
From this heaping mountain of problems, Earthy was born. Transparent, nature-backed nutrition with complete ingredient transparency. Our mission is simple: empower people to own their health journey’s by providing the highest quality, transparent nutrition products.

We’ve got nothing to hide.

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