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our thoughts

when you stop to think about it, our society has built this comfortable, overblown reality and it’s destroying our people and planet's health, and the answer is to go back to being connected with nature, our food, and each other. from there, lots of healing will follow. the solution is so simple, just go back to our roots. so let's get going.

who we are

we are lifelong athletes who love to play outside and believe deeply that conscious businesses hold the power to change the world.

we share a passion for movement, nutrition and adventure and we prefer going our own path.

so much so that we have been up to some pretty radical things to prove the power of earthy. we have biked and ran across the country, ran 100 consecutive marathons in a row (actually), and even ran from la to las vegas. bottom line... earthy works.

why we started earthy

earthy was born out of the observation that way we nourish our minds and bodies is making us sick and the planet sick. 88% of US adults have a metabolic disorder and mental health issues are rampant. people are waking up to these issues and looking for solutions in supplements. however, the supplement industry is letting people down with low quality, dangerous ingredients, false claims, proprietary blends and more.

from this the idea of a transparent supplement company was born. earthy is setting new standards for the supplement industry with transparently sourced, organic ingredients.