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Movement is medicine


Earthy energy has been released into the wild. To celebrate, we hosted a virtual 'Move-A-Thon' spanning 24 hours, with 24 different movers (we couldn't find anyone for the 12-3 AM time slot, so we took things into our own hands). Each mover received earthy samples and was asked the question, "how are you moving today?"


The purpose of this ridiculous logistical stunt was to reignite a sense of play and exploration when it comes to movement. 7AM mover Chip Konrad wrote a book on movement and sums it up better than I can:


"Our culture has a bad relationship with the word exercise, and its sister phrase, working out. Both words point to anti-fun drudgery that, as a culture, we feel obligated to perform and guilty when we don’t. Exercise and pleasure are not synonymous in my mind. Working out, sans real purpose, seems absolutely ridiculous… currently, movement is more product than human right, sold to us as categories and programs, and rife with accouterments to help build your own Barbie dream gym. The Fitness Industrial Complex has won our movement dollars."


Spot on, Chip. If our relationship to our body is confined to exercise and working out, the focus tends to be on how we look in the mirror and how many plates are on the barbell. By programming your own training through the lens of a movement practice, new avenues of growth emerge (i.e. mobility, breath-work, agility, running form, etc.).


Watch the video and subscribe on YouTube here:


Massive appreciation for all the earthy humans who participated in our first Move a Thon. Let’s keep the conversation going and keep bringing creativity to our movement practices. As movement expert Ido Portal shared on the Huberman Lab Podcast, “we are not just a brain with a body, we are a body with a brain.” Movement is at the core of what it means to be human.