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"Revolutionizing Wellness: Transparency and Adventure at Earthy's Core"


ikigai is a japanese concept meaning "a reason for being." the overlap between what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs creates a venn diagram with ikigai at the center. 


ikigai japanese for a reason for being


as individuals, we all need a reason for being. the same goes for a brand. and unless you've been living under a rock you've heard us screaming from the mountaintops about transparency. 


we recognized the world needs a transparent supplement company, and we had the skills, passion and market opportunity to make it happen.


how is the endurance pre workout market not saturated already? we saw our friends (and ourselves) turning to coffee as our pre workout and saw our entry point, which became earthy energy. 


a lesson we learned along the way


the process of finding suppliers who could trace the ingredients down to the farm level was not easy. out of 30 beetroot suppliers we contacted, only 3 could tell us where the beets even came from, and 1 would allow us to share that information... read that right. supplement companies are buying ingredients labeled "organic" from companies that can't even tell you where their products are from.


so where does the adventure come in? we jokingly say we're in the "stunt" business. In a saturated ecosystem of digital content it can be hard to cut through the noise to get your story out there, but we're finding a way. Starting with the west coast tour and now with Brooks running 80+ straight marathons, we've found "stunts" that align authentically with our mission.


Each and every person who resonates with the mission to bring transparency to the supplement industry blows a little more wind in our sail. Our job is to steer the boat and make sure the sail is at the right angle, so we can address what is an obvious need in our world today.


to dive deeper into our story


Kyle and Brooks were invited on podcasts recently to talk about the early stages building earthy and our plans for 2024. Brooks was on the Everyday Ultra Podcast with Joe Corcione and Kyle was interviewed by Sandy Dedian on the Rectified Podcast.


Rectified Podcast with Kyle // Everyday Ultra Podcast with Brooks


If you're curious about earthy and what's happening behind the scenes, check out the podcasts!


And be sure to follow us on Instagram- @live.earthy if you aren't already :)