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Since July 23rd we've been cycling and running down the West coast visiting run, bike and sport shops along the way. We’re doing this to launch earthy, show how powerful our product is and start building our tribe.


Overall, the journey has been overwhelmingly positive. At times, we've felt like we're riding a lightning bolt. There have been challenges and frustration, namely dealing with physical pain and the decision to drive from Grants Pass to Crescent City to avoid forest fires, 95 degree heat and "death highway." But generally, it's been smooth sailing and by far the most energizing experience of our lives.


Arriving on the coast shifted the entire mood of the trip. The cool breeze and endlessly beautiful views reinvigorated us and lifted our spirits. 196 miles North of San Francisco, the idea was floated to make a strong two-day push, where warm showers, a laundry machine and beds awaited.


Saturday was Brooks' big day. We decided that rather than run concurrently we would support each other the entire day, filming in a documentary style to capture the authenticity of the experience. Having Joshua (our DP) there allowed us to focus on the task at hand and leave the creating to the creator.


To start the day I got up and rode 50 miles to the meeting point where Brooks took over. Go time. Brooks shared more from perspective here. But I can say this- witnessing someone dig deep and push their physical limitations is incredibly inspirational. Brooks ran 32 miles that day and brought the team to within striking distance, in the town of Gualala.


After a few hours of sleep on the side of the highway, it was my time to carry the baton. While I was uncertain how my body would hold up for 114 miles (+8k elevation gain), there was never a doubt that I was going to give it all I had. I had just seen Brooks hammer a PR the previous day, and with the team's support I got on the bike and started pedaling.


Everyone we meet keeps asking about how many miles we've ran or ridden, but it's the elevation gain that gets you. I also historically deal with cramping and knee pain on longer rides, but with earthy energy, water and Skratch hydration powder in my bike bottles, ground beef and eggs for breakfast and a chicken focaccia sandwich for lunch, I felt strong for the first 95 miles to Stinson Beach. Staring at a massive hill (Mt. Tam for those who know the area) I didn't stop or take a break, keeping my cadence and hydration as consistent as possible. In the end, I made it over the mountain to finish the day at my friend and mentor, Hugh's place in Sausalito. Between us we covered 196 miles in 2 days.


A few lessons/observations


  1. We discovered café's and coffee shops resonate more with our mission and product than we anticipated. Coming out of the Redwoods after camping at Hidden Springs Campground with a few of Brooks' friends (s/o Tim and Taylor), I stopped for an espresso shot at a roadside coffee shop. The owner, who is also a badass photographer was stoked to carry our product.


  1. earthy Energy is more effective than we thought. Both of us have been able to set new distance PRs and maintain mental and physical energy throughout, but we've also seen other people push past their previous limitations after drinking earthy. Joshua has had multiple 6 and 7 mile runs without any training, and Matt, who ran with Brooks, nearly doubled his PR, running a half marathon for the first time ever. The value prop that you can drink earthy and go from work to workout and back again is now rivaled by the downright endurance and performance boost for seriously big days on the road/mountain/where ever you get after it.


  1. The power of teamwork. They say if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. It's true. If you've ever ran or cycled with a friend, you know that there's something about conversation and companionship that makes the miles stack up a bit easier. With a dedicated team supporting you the entire day it's 10x that feeling. I've never had this opportunity before and I'm incredibly grateful these guys were there with me from 6 AM and 5 PM.


Join us for a mile or recover and hang out with us Sunday Aug 20 in Venice. RSVP here: