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black friday to cyber monday we turned off the buy button on our website and left a note for anyone who landed on the page ->



we all love a good discount, but the excessive celebration of consumption doesn't make much sense to us.


remember the days when people lined up and camped outside retail stores to get the best black friday discounts? e-commerce changed how we shop. there's no longer a need to stand in line and scramble to get the only items on the shelf. the tradeoff? a 2 week, full-court press advertising campaign. cyber monday is now cyber week and black friday deals start a week in advance. it's bonkers.


we aren't the first brand to recognize the absurdity of the "holiday." companies like REI have taken a different approach, with their #optoutside campaign. to us, this makes a lot more sense. do what truly fills your soul on this day of consumption. after all, the best things in life are free.


fyi, if you call earthy customer service, you might catch us on a run or bike ride ->